About Us

Sunshine Pre-School has been recognised as an ‘outstanding’ provider of child day care in Bristol since 2011.

Read about our policies and ethos and a typical day at our settings below.

Our three settings has been awarded either Outstanding or Good by Ofsted, click here for the links to our Ofsted reports. Sunshine Pre-School has also achieved The Bristol Standard, completing an annual self assessment framework to ensure that we are always working reflectively to provide the best early years experience for our children and their families.

In our most recent feedback from our submission, Bristol City Council Early Years team recognised:

“That the children are at the heart of all you do at Sunshine Pre-School. You have reflected deeply as a team on your provision showing a strong commitment to your work… It was very interesting to read about your action research project with Redcatch Community Garden and the positive outcomes it has had for children, practitioners and parents. Your strong relationship with parents is also evident in the way that you value opportunities for parents to share their knowledge and expertise about their children” Nicky Bale, Foundation Years Bristol Standard Consultant, April 2020


Our Philosophy

A Typical Session at Sunshines